# Computational Processing at Edge

Developing an edge cloud is one of the big concerns for cyber-physical systems because latency to the cloud is a big issue. Under DOE and ARPA-E funding we have been developing a middleware that can support edge cloud called RIAPS. It is built upon a lot of our prior work in the area of componentized software frameworks for real-time systems and provides solutions for security, fault isolation, fault recovery, device abstractions, time synchronization and correct-by construction design. Recently, we have been extending this work to create a computational outsourcing market called MODICUM for edge systems. It is a decentralized system for outsourcing computation. MODICUM deters participants from misbehaving, which is a key problem in decentralized systems, by resolving disputes via dedicated mediators and by imposing enforceable fines. However, unlike other decentralized outsourcing solutions, MODICUM minimizes computational overhead since it does not require global trust in mediation results.